Quality healthcare for $30

“Our mission is to provide superior primary medical care to our clients that is both affordable and convenient.”

Individuals and Families
An innovative approach to health care

Business Healthcare Solutions is for individuals and families also, not just businesses.  Our solution to the rising cost of healthcare is a revolutionary, innovative, alternate approach that offers many advantages for individuals and families. This is not health insurance.   The BHS health plan manages your primary health care needs and gives you access to an annual physical with routine blood work and an EKG if needed.  If additional testing is required, our rates are very reasonable.  Office visits are $15, and most appointments are able to be scheduled within 1-2 business days.  A physician is on call for after-hours emergencies.  Taking care of your health with this affordable and easy to manage health plan by BHS will save you hours of missed work and time you might spend in a single visit to the emergency room.

Being proactive with your health is our philosophy

An annual physical with routine lab work is included in the BHS health plan. We believe a thorough and comprehensive exam is the foundation for proper diagnosis and risk assessment of many diseases and is an excellent preventive-care tool for our clients.  During normal business hours, clients have access to medical consultations, prescriptions, and refills by phone.  BHS clients will receive treatment and management for a wide range of chronic health conditions.   Weight loss management is a big concern of ours and we can assist you with a comprehensive weight loss regimen.  Many same day appointments are offered with little or no waiting.  For after-hours EMERGENCIES, a physician is available by phone. Read more…

Business Healthcare Solutions also offers low cost seasonal vaccinations, as well as other immunizations and injections.


Improve employee productivity and reduce lost work time

Business Healthcare Solutions serves business owners, their employees and family members over the age of 2.  The flexibility of our office to offer same day appointments for urgent care, and an on-call physician for after-hours urgent care needs, saves both time and money.

Many employees opt out of expensive comprehensive plans and do not receive the care they need.  Although this is not health insurance, BHS would be the low cost alternative for many employees and employers.  We are also a low cost, great add-on feature for employees already enrolled in your current health insurance plan.

Affordable Healthcare
No health insurance needed to receive high quality healthcare
We provide prompt office visits, an annual physical with routine blood work and an EKG if needed. There is no charge for medical consultations, prescriptions, or refills by phone.   A physician is on call for emergency after-hours phone consultations.  All services are included for only $360 per year but we also offer several flexible payment options.   Office visits are $15. We also offer many immunizations and injections at a very reasonable cost. BHS is sensitive to your specific needs, and we support the use of generic medications to keep your medication costs down.